The medium-sized city in rebellion from the Empire.  West of the Saccarine Mountains, north of the Turrant River. Not that far from Fort Dolan.  Has found recent wealth because of moonstone discovered in the mountain.  The Duergar had not yet found the moonstone because it was actually above where they delve.  Crestin has an alliance of sorts with the Duergar city of Khirrihm because of the shared interest.  The Duergar help with the mining operation (because they didn't trust the Crestin humans to know how to mine without collapsing stone above them and destroying their city) and are compensated.  Moonstone is so well revered (especially considered the Duergar are the ones directing the mining) that Crestin is still making a fortune from the sale of it.

With the recent boon of moonstone, the rebellion seems to have started over Crestin no longer wanting to pay taxes to the capital (Port Cecil) to line Cecil VIII's coffers.  However there are rumors of more at play.

The alliance with the Duergar is tenuous at best, especially considering that the humans of Crestin have little to no experience with mining/refining/smithing moonstone.  One wonders if the alliance will hold and if the Drow who also live under the Saccarine mountains (further to the south) will have anything to say or do about this relationship.

The local regent (now turned ruling general) of the city is Lord Sel Ruduz.  His lieutenants are Shawn Foreblade and Lady Amza.


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