What Rebellion Brings

Initial One Shot

Description of game setting, Crestin's current state of affairs, imperial army is camped around city.

Opens in the office of Shawn Foreblade. Has called the players together to give assignment:

  • Sneak out of city (thru enemy camp, thru sewers, or down the Turrant River then through forest) to Fort Dolan.
  • Get intel on the Fort — what arms, how many troops, stores, potential weaknesses, where the supply lines into the Fort are coming from, any intel from within the Fort if possible (maps, paperwork, correspondence)

    • How to sneak into fort?  Shawn Foreblade gives the party a key to a door on the west side of the fort.  It will get you in, but that door may be guarded, and it may or may not lead into the open center part of the fort.  It is an option, but comes with peril.  There are probably other ways into the fort besides the front gate and the aforementioned side door.  I leave that to you to decide.
    • Owen and Anders were the last recon team sent out and Anders didn't make it back.  "Make sure he wasn't lost in vain."
  • Get potions (from Heather) in the apothecary and check with the Armorer (Erik) if you need any extra swords/daggers.

Forest could contain the like of owlbear(s) or some sort of beast.
The sewer could contain imperial troops, a dark beast who came from the mountain, or perhaps members of the (half-orc, orc, goblin?) mercenaries that the imperial legion has hired to help take down Crestin.  The last bit could leave a bad taste in people's mouths if they knew that the Empire was allying themselves (even temporarily) with "less-than-wholesome" folk.

Anders is in fact in the fort.  They think he's a prisoner, but he has changed sides.

Annika is the one who walks in on them when they find the letters.

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